Carly M

At Carly M Jewelers we offer various lines of fun, modern and affordable Jewelry.

Some of our lines include..


offering women across the world a universe of high quality, hand finished, modern and genuine jewelry products at affordable prices, thereby inspiring women to express their individuality.

Belle Etoile

In French, means beautiful star. That is why a delightful radiance permeated throughout their jewelry creations. Designed to reflect the latest European fashion trends, their dazzling selection of jewelry enhances the lifestyles of the modern woman. Belle Etoile uses materials such as Italian enamel, rubber, pearl, resin and colored stones. In 2011 they were awarded First Place for the Best Bracelet Design by JCK.

Jorge Revilla

is a brilliant designer from a part of Spain, Burgos, which is known for their old world approach and craftsmanship of the finest Sterling Silver. He is recognized throughout Europe and Asia as one of the true designers of our decade. He is becoming a sensation in the US with his cutting edge designs using 18k Rose Gold and Oyster Ruthenium on Sterling Silver.


is a unique sterling silver jewelry line that is comfortable and easy to wear, appropriate with anything, anytime, anywhere. Accented with quality diamonds, this one of a kind look goes from the office to dinner, from jeans to a little black dress.

Gabriel & Co.

  is an independent jewelry designer and manufacturer. With an exclusive line of heirloom pieces displaying fashion forward designs, their jewelry embodies meticulous artistry perfect for every occasion.

Frank Reubel Designs

35 years in jewelry design and manufacturing and an independent family-owned business. Frank Reubel was among the first designers to introduce semi-precious stones into sterling silver. FRD continues to grow with a unique and modern approach with each piece of jewelry, handmade in America.


These Swiss watches have been offered since 1853. They are the best selling Swiss watch worldwide in the mid price market. Tissot produces the highest quality time pieces that are honored in 150 countries. They offer a wide range of styles and collections to suit every lifestyle. Tissot is the Official Timekeeper of NASCAR, MotoGP World Championship and Fencing World Championship.


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