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We've completed a comprehensive, all-your-questions-in-one-place packet that will assist in your transition to Sewickley. Whether you’re a new business, a realtor looking for information, or just moving to the neighborhood, we want you to feel comfortable and informed. To download the Welcome Packet please click here. The Welcome Packet is a project of the Economic Restructuring Committee.


By promoting a diverse and vibrant business district by increasing foot traffic and decreasing vacancies, Explore Sewickley has made a solid commitment to business development.

Explore Sewickley has become an amazing resource for new businesses navigating through the process of opening. From helping to find the right space to the grand opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony, Explore Sewickley has helped many new businesses become informed and get involved in the Sewickley community.

If you are looking for a space or have an idea for a business you want to open, contact us at 412.741.7530 or info@exploresewickley.com.


When you’re opening a new business, there are already a lot of things on your mind. What better way to be welcomed into the Village than with some free PR, a pair of giant gold scissors and a party?

Explore Sewickley will coordinate a Grand Opening and Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with Mayor Brian Jeffe and the Borough of Sewickley. We send out notifications to local media and other businesses to truly welcome you as a new business. The ribbon cutting ceremony includes a proclamation read by the Mayor, the cutting of the grand opening ribbon and lots of photo opportunities. Since Explore Sewickley began, we have celebrated over 50 new businesses opening their doors.

To schedule a ribbon cutting ceremony, please contact us at 412.741.7530 or info@exploresewickley.com.


Each month, Explore Sewickley hosts a monthly happy hour for local business owners with light refreshments and great conversation on the first Thursday of the month from 5:00 - 6:30pm. Come hang out, learn about what’s going on in the Village, and mingle with other business owners.

Happy Hours are held at Explore Sewickley (418 Beaver Street). For more information about the Happy Hour, send us an email at info@exploresewickley.com.


Throughout the year, there are many opportunities for businesses to sponsor the various events we put on.  We are offering some new sponsorship options for 2017.  The 2017 events that we are fundraising for at this time are: Sewickley Chocolate Walk on February 11, Sewickley Soup Crawl on March 18, Spring Sewickley Gallery & Art Walk on April 21-22, Sewickley Unleashed on May 20, and Sewickley Oktoberfest on October 6-7.  We are offering the opportunity for a business to choose to sponsor one, two, three, four, five or all six events at either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum levels.  We are even offering the opportunity to pay via credit card in 2017.  So pick and choose the events you are interested in and pay in one easy step!  (We still prefer checks so we don't have to pay the fees.)  


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